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4 to 9 years of age

As with Tiny Tots, students develop self-expression, musicality, rhythm, coordination and listening skills. In Junior Ballet we also develop a better understanding of posture and timing, work towards better technique and put together more dance steps in a sequence.

Pre-primary (4 to 6 year olds) and Grade 1 (5 to 7 year olds)

The pre-school and grade one classes are a stimulating dance experience, developing imagination, self expression, musicality, rhthym, dance movement, co-ordination, good posture, and listening skills. All of these skills being vital for your child’s self esteem and confidence. Children of this age are trained with the utmost care, and every care is taken not to demand a technique which places too much strain on the young soft body. Emphasis is placed on developing the child’s own natural dance quality, and co-ordination.


The classes are designed for the children to learn through enjoyment. Students at this level have more ability to concentrate for longer periods than the Tiny Tots, and work for a better understanding of posture and timing, and will be required to aim for better technique, and will put together more dance steps in a sequence. A theme is introduced to each class, with pre-school students having themes such as “ the Circus”, and the grade one students having fairy tale themes such as “Cinderella”, which is kept for one term, and then proudly shown for parent’s day at the end of the term. Lessons also include the introduction of simple ballet steps.

Grade 2 (6 to 8 year olds)

Classes at this level introduce new exercises of the Classical Ballet technique, with extended development of musicality, dance steps, coordination and improvisation. Students can participate in a class examination, which is kept low key, so as to introduce the children to examinations without fear or undue stress. Lessons also include the introduction of simple ballet steps.

Grade 3 (7 to 9 year olds)


Students at this level are now executing many of the basic ballet steps, both at the barre and in the centre. Dance performance is also developed, in preparation for the stage examination, which the students perform in Term 3, and also for the end of year performance. These students also participate in a class examination during Term 3. Students can now study two classes per week if required and it is necessary for the Grade 3 students to attend two technical classes per week throughout Terms 3 and 4, in order to gain the essential physical strength required for examinations and performance.


Students attend a 3 day examination course during the second
week of the July school holidays, to prepare for their stage exam. Students who only attend one class per week can participate in the class exam. Students attending twice per week can attend a class and stage exam. 

Examinations however are not compulsory and students can attend only 1 class per week for the love of dance if desired.

To dance is 


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